Can chiropractic care stop headaches and migraines?

Some estimates suggest that 25 percent of the population has a headache right now. Because headaches are so common, most people think it is a normal part of life. Headaches, however, are a sign that something is wrong. We know that stress, toxic fumes, certain foods and preservatives and even alcohol can cause headaches. A frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is the malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back.

When the bones of the spine lose their normal position or motion, the sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head become compromised. When these delicate tissues are stretched or irritated, they can produce certain types of headaches. While aspirin or other medications may cover up the symptoms, they do not really correct the cause of the headache.

A report released in 2001 by researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, NC, found that chiropractic adjustments resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than a commonly prescribed medication.

More About Headaches

Headaches are a common problem that can be triggered by many different factors, from stress to an undiagnosed spinal injury. If you suffer from headache, chiropractic can help!

The different types of headache include:

Tension headache: These are caused by tight muscles in the neck and head. Chiropractic can help reduce muscle spasms, which can give you relief from headaches. Learn more about tension headaches.

Migraine: Migraine is a severe form of headache that can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. Studies have found that chiropractic manipulation can reduce both the frequency and the duration of migraines. Learn more about migraines.

Cervicogenic headache: Around 20 percent of headaches actually originate in the neck. These types of headaches are called cervicogenic, and they are very common after an auto accident. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can be effective in treating this type of headache. Learn more about cervicogenic headache.

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