First Visit

Your first visit to Corrective Chiropractic will include a detailed case history of your presenting complaints, family medical history, as well as a discussion of your personal health history.  These are important components of a correct diagnosis of the issues you are dealing with.  Following the history, Dr. Pargeter and his staff will perform a thorough examination of the areas in question with a series of orthopedic, neurological, and physical examination tests intended to locate and determine the cause of your health concern.  Following the examination, Dr. Pargeter will decide whether or not to take x-rays.  X-rays will only be taken when necessary to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  On the first visit, Dr. Pargeter may issue a relieve adjustment intended to “get the ball rolling” and help reduce your symptoms.

Second Visit

After the first visit is concluded, Dr. Pargeter will study the results of the examination and x-rays along with a thorough review of the health history in order to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to arrive at a diagnosis and proper schedule of care.  When you arrive for the second visit, you will be promptly greeted by our staff and meet with Dr. Pargeter for your “Report of Findings.”  This meeting is intended to discuss your previous visit and describe to you what Dr. Pargeter believes is the reason for your health concern.  This discussion is important because it relays to you what your diagnosis is along with Dr. Pargeter’s “plan of attack.”  Each schedule of care is case specific and intended to move you forward from day one.  At the conclusion of the report of findings, you will begin your care and start on the path to wellness.

Future Visits

Further visits will follow your personal schedule of care that was developed by Dr. Pargeter.  These visits are meant to halt your symptoms, reduce pain and begin to correct the problem through structural and functional changes.  These visits will typically include adjustments, intersegmental traction, and auricular therapy.